About Us

What is Kutt?

Kutt is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) betting platform that allows friends and acquaintances to seamlessly bet with each other on any sporting event.

Why would someone use Kutt?

Let's face it - betting with your friends is ineffecient at best and existing betting options aren't a great option for casual or serious bettors either. Issues include:

  • Excessive Fees / High "Vig"
  • Difficulty accessing betting platforms (in-person and online)
  • Lines that are unable to be negotiated
  • Counterparty risk and/or inability to bet with strangers

Kutt is a little different. We think things should be cheaper, quicker, and more transparent.

With Kutt, you choose your bet (wager and price) and either compete against your friend or another counterparty who wants to take the other side of your bet. Kutt holds your money while the game is played and pays out the winner automatically upon the conclusion of the event.

Our Advantages

Low Fees / "Vig"

Stop paying the sportsbook 10% juice every time you bet. Seriously, just stop. It's free money for them. We promise to charge only a small transaction fee to facilitate the bet between users.

Easy to Access

Access our platform from a phone or desktop; there's no need to make the trip to a physical casino or create an account with an offshore sportsbook.

Ability to Negotiate / Massage Lines

Think that the sportsbook isn't giving you fair odds? (Spoiler: *they're not*) With Kutt, you'll have the ability to negotiate lines with your counterparty to something you both think is more fair (even if that means an uneven payout).

Ability to Bet with Friends and Strangers

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew who you were betting against? Gain bragging rights by going head to head against your buddies on your favorite sports games. Can't find a friend to bet with? Challenge other Kutt users to take the other side of your bets.

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